In its effort to reach to various customer segments, and maximize the opportunity along the value-chain, OFC has introduced its own brand of retail value added-products under the names “Taqa”, “Sadaf” and “Fun Fish”. The products range from Fish Nuggets, findbride comments Fish Burgers, Fish Fingers, Breaded Fish Biscuits, Breaded Fish Fillets, Breaded Prawns, Popcorn Shrimps, Breaded Squid Rings, Breaded Shrimp Burger, Cuttlefish Cubes, and Peeled & De-veined Cooking Shrimps.

Taqa caters to the top-end segment of the market, with high quality being the focus. Fun-Fish is targeted at children, making fish-eating fun and nutritious to them. Sadaf is for the value-for-money segment of the market.