Processing Factories

Shomiya Center

Shomiya fish collection center started in year 2013 and it is major fish collection center in Sultanate of Oman now.

The major species we deal with are cuttle fish, ribbon fish, humped fish, sea bream, barracuda, trevally, amberjack, mackerel, emperor etc..

Capacity of the Plant

Cold store   12   tones
Chill room   6     tones
Ice Machine          15   tones

Fish purchased from this center is been distributed to Oman fisheries processing plant like Soqura, Salalah and Ghala.

All our Fish processing factories of the company are integrated with their cold storage In addition company owns and maintains a central cold store at Barkah (Al-Ameen stores & refrigeration LLC) from where the orders and supply of the frozen fish are executed

On the receipt of the local purchase order from the customers, we execute the orders as per the specification and products will be delivered in specified location in freezer trucks to maintain the quality factors.

Ra's Sharbithāt

This is a fishing village located in the wilayat of Sheleem and is the starting point of the Dhofar Region. Sharbithat is situated around 430 km from Salalah, which is in the south of Sultanate of Oman between Sawqarah & Shuwaymiyah around 800KMS away from Muscat. This location is 60kms from OFC Sawqarah Fish Processing Plant. There is a tarmac Road till the beach. (GPS Coordinates: 17.9333°, 56.2833°)

Sharbithat is basically a fishing village, having a population of approximately 300 people. Fish caught from Sharbithat is sent to places like Dubai and Salalah, where it is packaged and exported to many countries. Sharbithat has a secondary school and a health center. A new housing colony has recently been built. This is one of the places that gather three environments – Sea, Mountain & Desert.

Abalone fishing is available only at the coasts between the wilayat of Mirbat and the niyabat of Sharbithat. Fresh fish exporters of Seabream depend on the Sharbithat landing centre as the quality & the color is unique. Other species like grouper, emperor, red seabream, blue fish,red mullet, cuttle fish, ribbon fish, other mix fish are available in this location

Ras Al Madrakah

Ras Madrakah is a peninsula that exists in the further south of Duqm. A lot of camels can be seen, and villages are scattered along the coast. From Muscat it takes 7 hours by car. From Haima it takes 2 hours by car. From Duqm it takes 40 minutes by car. (GPS Coordinates: 19, 57.833333)

This is a major fish landing center for Oman Fisheries. We buy lot of cuttle fish, sardine, barracuda, crocker & other mix species.

Oman Fisheries has a facility for storing fish & providing accommodation for the employees.


Mirbat is a coastal town in the Dhofar governorate, in southwestern Oman. There is a fishing harbor and fish is available throughout the year. It is a major center for shark landing. (GPS Coordinates:

This is one hour away from OFC Fish Processing Plant. This has been a major source for our Salalah Fish Processing plant. We buy lots of cuttle fish, barracuda, tuna, mackerel & other mix species from this location. Other fishes available are yellow fin tuna, trevally, Arabain Sea Meagre, lobster & abalone.