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Wide variety of seafood products from Omani sea

We bring to you the widest variety of high quality seafood products from the Omani waters. With the fish available from wide network of fishermen and from trawlers, we have widest range of seafood for you to choose from.


Demersal and Pelagic

We offer you a bountiful range of Demersal fish like Pandora starting from 100 gms/ pc to 10 kilos of Trevally.

Tuna is one of the delicacies for Omani people. A wide of variety of Tuna of all sizes is found in Omani waters. Our tuna is also exported to many countries.

Cephalopods are another major varieties which is highly demanded due to the freshness and the sizes.

Our Crustaceans like rock lobsters and Shrimps attract huge demand due to its high quality of processing and preserving.
Fresh Fish

We specialize in processing and selling of large varieties of fish as fresh to all Europe,U.S.A, Middle East, and Far East Asia.
Breaded Seafood Products

The latest line of products is the breaded and the battered seafood products under the name of Taqa, which in Arabic means strength.
With professional and skilled people we have the expertise to offer you a product suitable to your requirements.

Enter and explore with us the world of quality seafood.