Oman Fisheries Company is the proud owner of ultra modern EU standard plants located suitably to cover the entire coast of Oman. Our processing plants are located at important landings centers of Oman.

Plants at Muscat (Ghala), Al-Ashkara, Masirah and Salalah are well equipped with blast freezers and plate freezers with freezing capacity of 100 tons per day. Each plant has Chill rooms to store raw materials and the packed fresh fish under controlled temperature of 0-5 degree C. All the plants are equipped with flake ice machines to produce uninterruptedly the highest quality of flake ice. Each plant is equipped with De-skinning machines, Steaking band-saw machines, and vacuum packing machines for carrying out value addition. Plants are constructed to maintain:

1. Smooth unidirectional production flow.
2. Highest standard of hygiene.

Our fifth plant at Al Buraimi  ( near Dubai ) was set up in the year 2002 to produce ready to eat seafood products. This plant also has been EU approved and has been HACCP accredited.

We also have an office in Sharjah Free Zone.


All the units of Oman Fisheries Company are managed by qualified professionals. On the job training as well as training with regard to Hygiene, safety and production techniques is imparted to further sharpen the skills of the people at production floor. They are trained in multi-variant disciplines of fish processing, handle the product in quickest possible way to shorten pre freezing handling and storage chain. In every step of processing, critical control points are monitored and controlled under HACCP quality system accompanied with stringent hygiene.


All the units of the company are integrated with their production warehouses. In addition, the company owns and maintains a central coldstores located next to the Sultan Qaboos port (Muscat). All the export and import shipments are mainly executed from this coldstores.


Raw material to various processing plants of Oman Fisheries Company is sourced either from the fishing fleet of the company or from traditional fishermen. Fishing fleet is fully equipped to handle processing and freezing the products on board. The fleet of refrigerated trucks from 3 mt -10 mt is used extensively for deliveries of products from branches to the main cold-stores and to company owned shops, hotels, super-markets within the city.


Major form of transportation of our products in the international markets is by refrigerated containers with various shipping lines. We have the services of all the shipping companies like Maersk Line, APL, Hanjin, MSC, ANL, NYK, Hapang – Lloyd, Hyundai. For shipments of fresh fish by air, we use various airlines like Gulf Air, Emirates, Swiss Air, British Airways, Etihad, Oman Air.


Local Outlets (fish Sales)

Muttrah-TAQA Fish Shop
Adjacent to the Baladiya fish market in Corniche.
Contact No.: 24714132

Ghala TAQA Fish Shop
Location: At the head office and the processing plant,
which is behind the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and opposite to CIVILCO.

If you have any trouble contacting the outlets,
please dial 24509500,
our operators will be happy to assist you in whatever way they can.