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Ready to eat breaded and battered seafood products

We have launched an entire range of ready to eat breaded and battered seafood products under the brand name of "taqa". The range includes traditional breaded products like Fish nuggets, Fish burgers, Fish fingers, Jumbo Shrimp Crispies, Breaded Prawns, new products like Pop Corn Shrimps, Breaded Squids Rings, Breaded Cuttlefish cubes.

The plant is HACCP approved and has also got the EU approval for exporting this range of breaded products. Oman Fisheries’s Taqa breaded & battered seafood products are available in supermarkets in Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and been exported to middle east, USA, Canada and Africa.

Fish Fingers
Fish Nuggets
Jumbo Shrimp Crispies
Fish Biscuits
Breaded Fish Fillets
Breaded Prawns
Breaded Squid Rings
Pop Corn Shrimps
Fish Burger
Breaded Shrimp Burger
Kiddie's Fish Burger
Breaded Cuttle Fish Cubes
Peeled & Deveined Cooking Shrimps

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